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Discussion Forum
Obtaining accurate, timely, and relevant information for Regulation AB Item 1122 for servicers requires a dedicated effort by all in the ABS industry. With that said, NDB will soon be launching a discussion forum where information can be posted on a variety of topics for Regulation AB, particularly on Items 1122 and 1123 for servicers.

Additionally, NDB plans to hold web based seminars on a periodic basis for keeping servicers abreast on significant issues regarding Regulation AB. Together, the online discussion forum and the web based seminars will provide servicers with the information they need to construct a feasible, efficient, and cost-effective approach to Regulation AB compliance.
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Regulation AB Information Portal
View the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) final ruling on Regulation AB; a comprehensive document that has brought about significant changes to the ABS Market.
A discussion and anlysis of all 24 regulation AB Items, ranging from Item 1100 to Item 1123.